From when I visited a milking farm in Colombia.

Back in December, while in Colombia, one of my goals was to visit a milking farm early in the morning in order to capture that moment when the world is just waking up and these silent hard workers have been up for hours harvesting the food we put in our plates. In this particular case is not an industrial milking farm, but a family farm in Samacá (Boyacá), a small town with a population of ca. 20,000 people. This farm produces and sells its own milk and cheese to some small retailers in the area. They do this daily between 5 am and 7 am and collect several buckets of milk. I got there by 6 am and even though I missed the process when the calves suck milk from their moms, I was able to see most of it and interact with the calves, which are separated from the adults.





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