The dogs from the clouds

A couple of months ago I visited my homeland, Colombia, and I discovered that the more time I spend as an expat in the US, more comfortable I feel with my new life and more magical and meaningful are my visits to Colombia. I try to be aware of every scent, taste, or image, and I enjoy to the fullest visiting places and the company of people that I used to take for granted. After all, if you take some distance from something you are able to see the whole picture.
While in Colombia, one of those magical places that I visited was the farm of my friend Sergio, close to Bogotá. Sergio and I used to go to college together, and at some point he changed his major and our lives took separate paths. After more than fifteen years of finishing college, we got in touch because we share a common passion: Dogs.

Sergio finished school and is married to a wonderful, strong woman, Sandra,  and they have two beautiful kids. They live in the little, green town of Subachoque and together they have dedicated a big part of their lives to rescue dogs from difficult situations where their chances to find a family were minimal. Sergio owns a little house in the mountains, surrounded by grasslands, trees, and creeks where his 32 dogs run and have a good life. Yes, you read well, 32 dogs. Taking care of them is not an easy task unless you have the patience and training necessary to help your dogs and not loosing your mind. Through positive reinforcement, Sergio devotes most of his days to teach his dogs new skills that make their lives much easier and happier. The result is a furry family in the green, cloudy mountains of Colombia.

During our visit my husband and I had the fortune of meeting some of the dogs and share with them a unique afternoon in the nature. All these dogs are survivors of a very recent sprout of distemper that was economically and emotionally devastating for Sergio and his family.
These are the stories of strong, brave dogs that live in the clouds of the mountains and the visual translation of what it felt to be surrounded by life, where the air smells like water and green mosses, and where despite difficulties there is always hope. Because things do not need to be perfect to be meaningful.

Vuvu is a female who has pedigree and used to participate in dog shows. She was “retired” because she has a gastric torsion.
Dolores was rescued during a massive dog poisoning in Subachoque. To poison dogs is an inhumane and common way to control population of feral dogs and cats y many places in Latin America.
Dolores and Sergio.
The house in the clouds.
Digitalis sp. A very common plant in the area.
Kita runs free in the grasslands.
Kita was rescued hen she was pregnant and sick with a very aggressive parasite called Erhlichia.


Ollie is blind and was adopted by Sergio and his family from Fundación Vivatma, as a puppy.
Ollie already learned his way around in the house and runs free. Has gained a lot of self-confidence ad independence since his adoption.
Kita ans Shiraz waiting for treats.
Shiraz was found as a feral dog living in a cave with her six puppies. She was in very bad shape and passed out when Sergio found her. One of the puppies was adopted and the other five live with Shiraz in the house.
Caridad (Charity) was rescued from the streets when she was 4 months old. She had a very aggressive way of sarcoptic mange and it was recommended to euthanize her. She is now a senior dog and a little skittish.
Kita loves treats.
Amphora is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and was born in Sergio’s house.
High altitude vegetation that surrounds the house where the dogs live.

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